Outsourcing of Project Managemers and Other Consultants

Make use of our outsourcing services in the area of project management, business analysis, IT security, data analysis or online marketing. Professional education, mentoring and support guaranteed by Projectman.cz.

  1. Analysis of the client's situation
  2. Work of an expert or a project team
  • Training and education
  • Mentoring
  • Supervision and guarantee
  • Detailed understanding of the position - in the beginning, we'll discuss the specifics of the position that you need to fill and we'll soak up the information about your company's situation and culture.
  • Flexibility - we can easily agree on a time-limited contract.
  • Lower costs - your costs will be lower than those needed to keep an internal employee.
  • Monthly invoicing - you pay only for the work delivered according to a time sheet approved by you. Only the actual agreed price per day without surcharges or special fees. From reporting, you also have a clear overview of what is happenning and how much do individual efforts cost.
  • Expertise and specialization - you need to temporarily boost your team with specific know-how, but and employee with such expertise would be too expensive.
  • Efficiency - a contractor is never certain about keeping his job and thus tries to be the best - will deliver bettwe work in a shorter time span.
  • Language skills - we test the candidate's knowledge of languages so that it conforms to your specifications.
  • Reliable consultants - we know all consultants personally and we check their technical and professional skills as well as their personality profile. Hence we can safely say that they will be a good fit for your company.
  • Informed decisions - we will present the candidate's skills and knowledge, strengths and weaknesses both, as well as his or her motivation.
  • Support - in cooperation with you, we provide support, trainings and coaching so that our consultants can do their best even on complicated projects.
  • Guarantee - if you're not happy with our services, we'll look for a solution together of find you a new consultant.
  • Quality and expertise is guaranteed by Projectman.cz since 2011.