Executive Search & Head-hunting

Are you looking for top-tier employees? We will use our strong community ties and vast database of candidates. We will check dozens of candidates and introduce 2 - 3 of the best candidates with references and candidate presentations.

  • Understanding the client
  • SCAN: searching, contacting, interviews, references
  • Interviews of the best candidates at the client's
  • New employee's onboarding
  • In the beginning, we'll discuss the specifics of the position that you need to fill and we'll soak up the information about your company's situation and culture.
  • Thanks to our knowledge of IT roles, our recruiters and sourcing specialists can quickly identify the group of candidates who have the neccesary knowledge and technical skills. They consistently check the candidate's motivation and expectations.
  • Because of our involvement in communities and at professional conferences, we know many candidates personally and they see us as experts in project management, IT security, data analysis, marketing, and other areas.
  • To search for the right candidates, we use the Autobahn framework™ methodology in connection to our vast candidate database and a number of other sources at job portals and social networks.
  • We meet all suitable candidates in person. We check their technical and business skills, language skills and their personality profile. We look for those that will be the best fit for your company.
  • We keep in touch with our candidates and build long-term relationships with. This is why we know their personality, technical skills and their career preferences.
  • We will introduce 2 - 3 candidates to you with their CVs and a matter-of-fact description of their strengths and weaknesses, their motivation, and also references or also test results.
  • We're ready to personally attend the candidate interviews with you in order to have direct feedback on the candidate's suitability. We'll gladly help you with the preparation and negotiation of a suitable offer for the candidate.
  • After the final choice, your candidate will start on the agreed date for the agreed remuneration. We stay in touch with the candidate and you during the first several months after onboarding so that we can identify and solve possible problems.