Autobahn Framework

Thinking of where to get the professionals you need? IT people that you will have an understanding with? We can find the right people for every possibly minutia happening in the world of technology around us today.

Executive Search & Head-hunting

Are you looking for top-tier employees? We will use our strong community ties and vast database of candidates. We will check dozens of candidates and introduce 2 - 3 of the best candidates with references and candidate presentations.

  • Understanding the client
  • SCAN: searching, contacting, interviews, references
  • Interviews of the best candidates at the client's
  • New employee's onboarding

Outsourcing of Project Managemers and Other Consultants

Make use of our outsourcing services in the area of project management, business analysis, IT security, data analysis or online marketing. Professional education, mentoring and support guaranteed by

  1. Analysis of the client's situation
  2. Work of an expert or a project team
  • Training and education
  • Mentoring
  • Supervision and guarantee

At DigiMates we specialize in finding experts from the following areas:

What is the Autobahn framework™?

Are you looking for someone for your IT department?

It may have been quite difficult for you to describe what should your new colleague actually be responsible for. There are a lot of IT positions - how can you know them all?

It was difficult for us as well, so we decided to simplify the problem. We have found a unique solution, a map, that will help you to clarify - together with our consultant - who you are looking for.


ABF™ is a unique framework - a map of all IT professions. It is based on the best internationally available experience of IT professionals, the best practices in the area of IT skills and IT service and team management.

Thanks to a thorough knowledge of ABF™, our recruiters and research specialists quickly narrow down the number of candidates that we consider. We evaluate all our candidates slowly and carefully.

We promise you will like the candidates that we will introduce to you. We will still offer you a standard price though.

And if you feel like it, you can also take the ABF™ training in our training center. Together with industry professionals we will help you understand what’s what and how to avoid possible misunderstandings.

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