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Tools, methods, and certifications

  • Depends on technology, otherwise he/she needs soft skills necessary for team leadership.

What he/she does Team leader

Team leader takes care of the correct and effective utilization of his/her team.

Description of role and its outputs

Team leader is a technical leader of a team of professionals that is responsible for the effective utilization of the team's resources.

Job description

Delegates work to a team of specialists (focused on the same field - e.g. SW development, architecture), motivates the team and oversees the fulfillment of the delegated tasks. Plans and distributes available resources to projects and processes. He/she is both a team manager and specialist for the given field. He/she helps his/her subordinates with their tasks and takes care of their professional development.

Work outputs

A sufficient number of professionals for each given field, technical documentation, technical trainings and the work output as such.


Effective resource utilization

Who does he work with

Project manager, members of his/her department, CIO