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Tools, methods, and certifications

  • Depends on technology

What he/she does Consultant

A consultant will make sure that both sides (business and IT) will come to a common understanding - he speaks the language of both these worlds.

Description of role and its outputs

A consultant interconnects business and IT specialists because he is both an IT professional and a good communicator.

Job description

Specialist for a specific area or technology (to an extent). Suggests solutions alternatives for the cutomer. Expert at collecting requirements. Takes part in customer communication (as opposed to a specialist who doesn't). A consultant translates issues from business to technical language and vice versa.

Work outputs

Solution designs, facilitates communication among all parties involved


Good soft skills - has to communicate well with the client. Has an understanding of his/her technical area of expertise.

Who does he work with

Business analyst, specialist, project manager, both enterprise & system architects.