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Tools, methods, and certifications

  • UML
  • Enterprise Architect
  • modelling tools
  • object analysis
  • RUP
  • BPMN
  • optimization methods - lean
  • six sigma
  • kaizen

What he/she does Business analyst

Business analyst makes the jobs of others easier by helping to simplify and automatize processes. This way he/she contributes to optimization which either reduces costs or improves quality.

Description of role and its outputs

A business analyst describes what you do in your company and how you do it; What can be improved and what could be automated.

Job description

Describes the current workings of business or production processes - "AS IS" and the desired state - "TO BE". Describes the automatization requirements stemming from business and production processes, cooperates with a system architect on the creation of functional requirements.

Work outputs

Description of business and production processes, their inputs and outputs, stakeholders. KPI's of the processes, requirements for automatization.


Analytical thinking, knowledge of analytical methodology, can pose good questions, can think outside of the box (lateral thinking).

Who does he work with

Architect, consultant, specialist