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IT Professions

Autobahn Framework

Are you looking for someone for your IT department?

It may have been quite difficult for you to describe what should your new colleague actually be responsible for. There are a lot of IT positions - how can you know them all?

It was difficult for us as well, so we decided to simplify the problem. We have found a unique solution, a map, that will help you to clarify - together with our consultant - who you are looking for.

ABF™ is a unique framework - a map of all IT professions. It is based on the best internationally available experience of IT professionals, the best practices in the area of IT skills, and IT service and team management.

Thanks to a thorough knowledge of ABF™, our recruiters and research specialists quickly narrow down the number of candidates that we consider. We evaluate all our candidates slowly and carefully.

We promise you will like the candidates that we will introduce to you. We will still offer you a standard price though.

And if you feel like it, you can also take the ABF™ training in our training center. Together with industry professionals we will help you understand what’s what and how to avoid possible misunderstandings.

CIO, i.e. the IT director, ensures that the IT department contributes to the overall goals of the organization as a whole.

IT Director / CIO

Team leader takes care of the correct and effective utilization of his/her team.

Team leader

A skillful project manager can deliver each project on time and with foreseeable costs.

Project Manager

A project assistant is a time saver for a project manager mainly because he/she keeps the project documentation up to date and because he/she collects data.

Project support

Business analyst makes the jobs of others easier by helping to simplify and automatize processes. This way he/she contributes to optimization which either reduces costs or improves quality.

Business analyst

IT Business Intelligence will enable you through reports to understand the context of your business data and to make informed business decisions.

IT Business Intelligence

A consultant will make sure that both sides (business and IT) will come to a common understanding - he speaks the language of both these worlds.


A specialist will slash through your Gordian Knot - he/she knows the right solution for every tech problem.


An enterprise architect has a high-level overview of technologies and chooses the ones best suited for the company's future development.

Enterprise Architect

System Architect makes your IT system conform to all requirements and designs the system in a scalable, sustainable way.

System Architect

Ensures that IT services are available, secure, and functioning according to the SLA and for a reasonable price.

Service Manager

Technical Process Manager deals with the availability and capacity of IT services, installation of new versions of programs and changes in IT.

Technical Process Manager (IT Process Manager)

ServiceDesk solves technical issues and user requests and informs them about the solution; also informs of changes in the IT environment.

ServiceDesk and Incident Manager

Thanks to IT Operations all IT services run smoothly and without problems.

IT Operations

System Administrator maintains the correct settings on all systems.

System Administrator

Through connecting all the computers within an organization, a netork specialists enables effective collaboration among all colleagues.

Network Specialist

Thanks to a UX Designer, applications are much easier to use for the users and it is easy for the users to find their way around.

UX designer

A developer creates SW applications.


A tester tests applications to make them flawless.


An Integration Engineers oversees the installation of computer systems for everyday use. He/she will help with training the users, data migration, and the solution of critical problems that may occur.

Integration Engineer

ITSRM evaluates possible threats, guards the necessary information secrets, and protects the information against damage.

IT Security and Risk management

Compliance Manager sees to the compliance of IT with legislation, regulatory and professional requirements; sets up the quality of processes.

Quality, Compliance Manager